Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bus services Christmas and new year

First Bus have announced their Bus schedules for Christmas and New year 2017/18.

To see the bus schedules follow this link First Bus Christmas and New Year.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Innox Road Twerton ( planning application )

We have a new planning application this week at Innox Road for a flat roof extension at the front of the house.

Please follow this link to view the application and to make comments.

22 Innox Road

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Bus Route changes - Update

Following the recent consultation by FirstBus, we have received confirmation that they will be making a couple of alterations to the original proposal.

They have agreed that Whiteway Circle will need to be included within the altered route.  They are also looking at the concerns raised about the bus pulling out onto Pennyquick, but are confident that this can be resolved.

The proposed route then needs to be submitted to the traffic commissioner and Firstbus have to give 56 days notice, therefore, with these additional alterations, they will not be in a position to submit an amended route in time for implementation in mid January.  The new route is looking like it will be in place towards the end of February.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Potential Council Ward Boundary Changes

In July this year, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England asked local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of council wards for Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The Commission is also looking at reducing the number of elected councillors to 59 (from 65).

The initial consultation ended on 2nd October and the responses and recommendations put forward can be viewed here.

Draft recommendations from the Commission are due to be published at the beginning of December for consultation until approximately mid-February, with the final plans scheduled to be published at the beginning of May 2018.

The new boundaries could alter which ward you would fall under and which Councillors would represent you, however, the alternations would not come into effect until the next local elections, currently planned for May 2019.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Linley Close

Due to a total lack of communication between BANES Council, Curo and Curo's management team Friday morning all the rubbish from the flats has been dragged out and left along the length of Linley Close leaving piles of black sacks to be attacked by birds.

Only one pile of rubbish along this road was cleared on Friday whilst the rest has now been ripped open by animals and birds.  Only one set of the flats that were cleared were actually due for weekly collection, therefore they should not have even been put out.

Add to this the lack of footpath maintenance and large piles of slippery leaves, this road is in urgently need of some attention.

We have asked that all the waste is cleared and that all these leaves and footpaths are cleaned up and made safe for all residents to use.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Bath City Football ground redevelopment

Last night was the first community engagement session at Bath City Football ground to take a look at what the community would like to see on the site as part of the proposed redevelopment.

It was a really great event and very well attended.  It was refreshing to see so many people taking the time to put their views forward.

The notes and outcome of the meeting will be written up shortly and published on the football clubs website.

We are looking forward to further meetings about this redevelopment and are hopeful that, if developed successfully this site has the potential to rejuvenate Twerton and benefit a large number residents. 

New litter bin for Garrick Road

We are pleased that the council have agreed to the installation of a new litter bin on or near the footpath between 1 & 11 Garrick Road.

This comes after a request from local residents who complained that there was no where to deposit litter in the area.

We are determined that the area is as clean as possible and where we can we will get bins put in.

However it is also very important that people don’t drop litter and take it home with them if there is no bin to put it in.